Monday, February 6, 2012

Well it's Monday again...I had a busy fun past few weeks! Here's some photos from it. 

Not last weekend but the one before that, we all got to go to Dallas to see my brother (in law) Darren play drums in his band MUTE MATH. They've really gone to a whole new level with their production!
When the show started it literally felt like you had stepped into a theme park ride.
It was SO much fun.
I strongly urge you to not miss a show on this tour if they come to your area...There is a lot of it left so get on that!

I tried to explain to their singer Paul how much I loved their new song "Prytania" 
andended up telling him that is made me want to 
"Do somersault's all over the room" or "Punch a gorilla".
Which I will stand by as being very accurate descriptions.

Then this past week my sister Christie's boyfriend Reed 
came down to visit from Tampa. 
He also plays drums (huh, my sisters have a thing for drummers). 
He's pretty much one of the coolest people on earth, so it's always good to see him. 
I'm super excited that we get to take both his band TallHart (formerly Marksmen) and Christie out on our Spring tour again since the first run with them was so short. 
I'm a huge fan of all of the Christie and Reed (or as we call them "Creed") are all cutesy and in love so it's fun to point at them and sing "Christie and Reed sitting in a tree..."

...Maybe Eisley should cover it on this upcoming tour.

L to R: Max, Reed, Christie, My lil' brothers Collin and Weston, and Weston's wife Jessica.

After my neighbors moved this week and accidentally stole my ModCloth dresses that I ordered,
I re-ordered and finally got this cool dress in the mail...It's just about the most comfy creation ever!
(I'm all about comfort over fashion and if I can knock out both in one shot, I'm pretty psyched)

I call it my "Tim Burton" dress as I feel ol' Timmy and I have the same passion 
for black and white stripes.
You can get the dress here:

Since all of Say Anything was camped out at our house doing rehearsals this past week, 
Mr. Ryan Russell came down to do some photos for them. 
Ryan is a renown photographer in the music scene. If there is a favorite photo you have of one of your favorite bands...Ryan probably took it.
He's a sweetheart and super talented. 

He took this popular photo of my husband Max (before I....*ehem*...gently mentioned to Max one day before we were dating that I couldn't date a smoker as I was super allergic to the smoke and I just find it unappealing, being that it's so unhealthy.
Max quit smoking that same week.
Which is a real credit to his character.
Well...that and proof how much he wanted the girl. hehe).

Ryan shooting the boys in downtown Tyler.

And while Ryan took real photos, I scurried around with my iPhone and found these things...

A secret garden.

A number #1.

A Tim Burton tree.

A train.

Oh, and then I did this.

Some guy left a comment for me saying 
"This is a really bad trick. Do something ACTUALLY cool next time and don't use the bed for support".
Well...I think it's actually kind of a good trick considering if I tried to do this without the bed for support
I'd be dead. 
Because there's no way my puny white girl arms would be able to support my southern ass which would result in my neck cracking in half like a tree branch.
Ahwell...some people are just impossible to impress.
Especially super ripped/shirtless/oiled 30 year old men (like this guy was).

Then we went on a double date for sushi and coffee afterwards with Creed.

And then Mary Jane and I snuggled down for a long winters nap.

The End.

I gotta run and do some interviews, so I'll talk to you guys later!
Thanks for reading :)


  1. oh sherri, please tell that beefcake (more like barfcake) that it is unhealthy to take steroids. and that it makes his junk tiny. BOOM!

  2. oh my goodness, that black and white striped dress is perfect! It looks so cute on you. :)

  3. that dress is adorable :] and so is the story of how Max stopped smoking haha
    and btw, thats an AMAZING trick. such skill! :O

  4. I'm allergic to cigarette smoke too. Blegh. But yay for Max and his lungs :D

  5. Oh I think it's beautiful that Max gave up smoking for you. True love at its finest -- someone who's willing to change for the person he loves.

  6. Sherri I am so happy you have your blogspot back! I love reading about the little silly things in your every day life. Although I love your tumblr as well. I am hoping for a SXSW showcase this year?! :D

  7. My husband also gave up smoking when we met. You're so right when you say that it is a true credit to character. I couldn't have asked for a better partner in this life and I think it is safe to say the same for you :)

    Have a wonderful day, Sherri!

  8. Haha...because of you that dress is now sold out! It is quite fetching! lol

  9. "Because there's no way my puny white girl arms would be able to support my southern ass"

    Dude, I'm right there with you...

  10. Wow, that's super sweet that Max quit smoking for you :)

  11. Sweet dress, I have a "Beetlejuice outfit"!

    I really love yours & Max's story. I know it sounds a bit ridiculous, because all I know about you is what I've read online & seen on your instagram, but I just love your love!

    I was married, to guy I had been with for 9 years. Christmas before last he decided he was going to leave me out of the blue. Turned out he had been cheating with someone 10 years his junior who he is still with. I was completely shocked as we had been trying for a baby & everything (seemed) to be going swimmingly.

    I started chatting to my current boyfriend a few weeks later- we had worked together & never really met, he didn't even know I was going through this horrendous breakup but we started talking online. He quickly became a best friend & boyfriend, when I was absolutely not looking for anyone. It was just right. We bonded over hilarious and dirty e-cards. It's so obvious he is the one I should have been with all along. I call him Batman, & Crush'd is "our song."

    We like to joke that he is the Bemis to my Sherri. Actually, I have a Song shop song in Max's queue with a description to that effect! I can't wait to see how it comes out. Sorry about the essay >_< Just felt the need to blurt. So glad you're blogging!

  12. You are so beautiful Sherri