Monday, March 5, 2012

Gas station antics.

I love driving across the country with my family on tour because there's rarely anything that fails to entertain us.

Have a good day and even if it is sucking I hope you're able to find something amusing about it:)


Ps. I had to include the photo of Max and I on our last tour since it fit so well.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Stuff and Nonsense.

This is a total girl-post, so dudes, feel free to pass on dudes even use Blogger?  
I can't see why they wouldn't?
I mean it's not called Bloggirlie, Bloggerette, or Bloggina (yes, I just typed that).

Sorry. I'm dehydrated. 

Some fun things I've collected lately...because I totally NEED more junk right?...Oh...crap... 
Wait....I don't.
It doesn't stop me from collecting dolls, anthropomorphic dishware or dresses with Zombie Unicorns.
What can I say? I'm a Barbie world, living in a Barbie girl.
Wait...that's not right. Plus, I have no idea what that even means. 
I hate Barbie.

First up, a very non-Barbie like doll...
a cool Coraline Doll by Neca.
One of my favorite stories/films ever. 
Now I am just a couple of these shy of completing my Coraline bendy figure collection...
and taking over the world with them.

Coraline messenger bag. 
I really dislike fussy purses, clutches, basically any bag without a shoulder strap; Especially on tour.
Who want's to carry that thing around? I NEED MY HANDS TO ROCK...
and to shovel Cinnamon Toast Crunch or various other sugar-coated cereal into my mouth.
So I basically can't think of anything better than a messenger bag with freaking Coraline on it.
(In case you didn't catch on, I'm a tiny bit obsessed with the whole Coraline deal.
I mean, this was my Halloween costume: 

Look...I never said I wasn't a dweeb. 
I'm dorklette (God, I love how you can add 'ette' onto anything
and make it sound girlie...Even Footballette, Chainsawette or Hammerhead Sharkette)

Both Coraline doll and bag found, best price on:

Lula UK fashion magazine.
It has absolutely gorgeous photography which Is why I love it.
I try and pick them up whenever I can find them for inspiration but
this bad baby only comes out twice a year and past issues cost as much as $100+ on EvilBay. 
It's nuts and super ridiculous...not to mention stupid. 
I's a magazine.
But I found this super cheap on Amazon (only to find
that a local bookstore here in Tyler carries it for $5 less than I paid...ah well. 
Live and learn).

Found on Evilbay...Because...I like my dishes to look me in the eye when I'm talkin' to them!
I mean...

Unicorn Zombie dress I mentioned on my Tumblr a few days ago. 
Let me just say those two words together again because I can't seem to get enough...
Zombie Unicorn.
ZOMBIE UNICORN. doesn't get old.
Found on

The crowning glory.
Call them 'creepy', 'weird', 'gross', 'scary', whatever you want...
Tell me that you 'Don't know how I sleep at night
with this in my house' ect, ect, ect, ect...
(I've heard it all).
Bottom line is, I'm obsessed with Japanese toys/dolls and this one came home with me.
She was customized by a super talented doll artist named Samantha.

Let me just say...I hope I have a daughter someday because my disease of slowly amassing
a collection of weird, girlie things has no end in sight.


Friday, February 10, 2012

Girls insulting girls. When we will learn?

This week I overheard some girls saying to each other (very matter-of-factly)
"Yes, I like that dress, but she should have let out the hem because she does not have skinny knees".

Instantly I felt like Cady in Mean Girls during this scene:

Karen: God. My hips are huge! 
Gretchen: Oh please. I hate my calves. 
Regina: At least you guys can wear halters. I've got man shoulders. 
Gretchen: My hairline is so weird. 
Regina: My pores are huge. 
Karen: My nail beds suck. 
Cady: [voiceover] I used to think there was just 'fat' and 'skinny'. But apparently there's lots of things that can be wrong on your body. 

Now call me loony, naive or just plain dumb, but I didn't even know 'skinny knees' or 'fat knees' were something you were even supposed to consider when getting dressed in the morning.
To me, you either have knees or you don't have knees and either way, they really needn't be bothered about. They're knees.

The comment left me feeling very sympathetic towards the girls making the comment (sad creatures) as well as, obviously, feeling sympathetic for the girl who,
Apparently, needed to do some knee crunches STAT...Unless she wanted to be known as Fat-Knee'd Nancy and talked about behind her back.

Now maybe I've never heard this insult because I have knobby 8 year old little boy's knees...So an insult for my knee's would go more like this: "Yeah, great dress but somebody PLEASE get a knife out and shave down some of that bone in her knee's or else put a longer skirt on her".

Or maybe it's just that, like Cady, I didn't go to public schools growing so I was a bit protected from hearing weird and obscure physical feature judgements like "she has fat knees", "her elbows are too pointy", "her butt is lopsided", "her face is on backwards".

Ok maybe that last one is an exaggeration, but to me, saying a girl needs to lengthen her hem because her knees aren't 'skinny' sounds just as ridiculous as "Her face is on backwards".

I grew up out of the public schooling system, yes, but it doesn't mean I'm wholly ignorant of insults.
I've been touring since my early teens so I've definitely seen and heard my own slew of judgements from the attention my family and I have garnered with our band Eisley and there's a very special set hoarded all for me as the wife of one of indie-punk's Darling's. I get crap thrown at me a lot, but
I also get emails and messages every week from young girls and women wanting to know any secrets or tips or magical cures for feeling insecure, dealing with bullies and just being made fun of, period...
I always have the same advice and that's just to remember that what they think is absolutely trivial.
It's ludicrous, ridiculous, meaningless, heartless and bodaciously bonkers.

When you let the total and absolute truth that it stems from the fact that people are broken and hurting so much so that they literally NEED to put others down to make themselves feel less-insecure about who they are then you will, in turn, begin to hurt for them and not over the fact that they said you're a
"smelly, dirty, tit-less b*tch" (oh yeah, that's a real quote).
I mean that crap's nuts!
So don't take it to heart, because you really shouldn't. Because it's empty, it's bollocks and it's lies
(Ok, maybe not the tit-less part, we can't all be a Kardashian right?).

Girls (guys too but I'm feeling girl specific here as I've seen a lot of girl-on-girl insulting lately)...
We seriously need to have grace and stop judging other girls, embrace the things that are unique in each other and see them as the things that make us all beautiful in our own way. I'm guilty of it too! But the truth is there is plenty of room for everyone to be exactly who they are and no one should have to fear being themselves or apologize for it. You want to wear purple from head to toe one day? Freaking go ahead! there the chance that you will be made fun of? Yep. You know what?...
They can deal with it.

They go home at the end of the day and they're the shallow-ass person who spewed their darkness into the world by making fun of someone who was being an individual (and were threatened by that)...
and you're the person who let your {insert your name here} light shine and in turn, is making the world that much more interesting for the rest of us. So thank you.

To the bullies...I hope that someone in your life encourages you to be yourself and tell you that it's
ok and cutting down others doesn't lift you slams you down into emptiness.
Don't get caught up in it. Just don't.

This message is brought to you by Sherri-Rants-R-Us.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Excited for Valentines day! 
Here's some things that are floating around on my desktop this week :)

buy the Zombie Love book here (I have it and it's great!)

So excited to wear this dress on Valentines Day,
Thank you ModCloth!!

This is so weird. I love it.
Found on Flickr


Monday, February 6, 2012

Well it's Monday again...I had a busy fun past few weeks! Here's some photos from it. 

Not last weekend but the one before that, we all got to go to Dallas to see my brother (in law) Darren play drums in his band MUTE MATH. They've really gone to a whole new level with their production!
When the show started it literally felt like you had stepped into a theme park ride.
It was SO much fun.
I strongly urge you to not miss a show on this tour if they come to your area...There is a lot of it left so get on that!

I tried to explain to their singer Paul how much I loved their new song "Prytania" 
andended up telling him that is made me want to 
"Do somersault's all over the room" or "Punch a gorilla".
Which I will stand by as being very accurate descriptions.

Then this past week my sister Christie's boyfriend Reed 
came down to visit from Tampa. 
He also plays drums (huh, my sisters have a thing for drummers). 
He's pretty much one of the coolest people on earth, so it's always good to see him. 
I'm super excited that we get to take both his band TallHart (formerly Marksmen) and Christie out on our Spring tour again since the first run with them was so short. 
I'm a huge fan of all of the Christie and Reed (or as we call them "Creed") are all cutesy and in love so it's fun to point at them and sing "Christie and Reed sitting in a tree..."

...Maybe Eisley should cover it on this upcoming tour.

L to R: Max, Reed, Christie, My lil' brothers Collin and Weston, and Weston's wife Jessica.

After my neighbors moved this week and accidentally stole my ModCloth dresses that I ordered,
I re-ordered and finally got this cool dress in the mail...It's just about the most comfy creation ever!
(I'm all about comfort over fashion and if I can knock out both in one shot, I'm pretty psyched)

I call it my "Tim Burton" dress as I feel ol' Timmy and I have the same passion 
for black and white stripes.
You can get the dress here:

Since all of Say Anything was camped out at our house doing rehearsals this past week, 
Mr. Ryan Russell came down to do some photos for them. 
Ryan is a renown photographer in the music scene. If there is a favorite photo you have of one of your favorite bands...Ryan probably took it.
He's a sweetheart and super talented. 

He took this popular photo of my husband Max (before I....*ehem*...gently mentioned to Max one day before we were dating that I couldn't date a smoker as I was super allergic to the smoke and I just find it unappealing, being that it's so unhealthy.
Max quit smoking that same week.
Which is a real credit to his character.
Well...that and proof how much he wanted the girl. hehe).

Ryan shooting the boys in downtown Tyler.

And while Ryan took real photos, I scurried around with my iPhone and found these things...

A secret garden.

A number #1.

A Tim Burton tree.

A train.

Oh, and then I did this.

Some guy left a comment for me saying 
"This is a really bad trick. Do something ACTUALLY cool next time and don't use the bed for support".
Well...I think it's actually kind of a good trick considering if I tried to do this without the bed for support
I'd be dead. 
Because there's no way my puny white girl arms would be able to support my southern ass which would result in my neck cracking in half like a tree branch.
Ahwell...some people are just impossible to impress.
Especially super ripped/shirtless/oiled 30 year old men (like this guy was).

Then we went on a double date for sushi and coffee afterwards with Creed.

And then Mary Jane and I snuggled down for a long winters nap.

The End.

I gotta run and do some interviews, so I'll talk to you guys later!
Thanks for reading :)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Well Hello!

I know......
I've been so bad about blogging since Twitter came along ( know you have too). 
I love Twitter but it's made it so easy for us to be lazy when it comes to some good old fashioned
lengthy, blatherin'-bloggin'!

It's also been partly due to the fact that we really need to re-vamp the 
journals section, which, (you might be happy to hear) is currently in the process of being done! 

It's being made into a beehive as I type.

In the mean time I've decided to dust off this old Blogspot of mine...(and it only took me two full
hours of wracking my brain, entering passwords, emails, signing away my soul and 
feeding drops of my blood as sacrifice into the laptop to remember and regain my old login information).

I'm currently curled up in bed with a husband and two dogs watching Aliens 
(despite it being the wee hours of the morning). 
My husbands band (Say Anything) has flown in this week to rehearse songs for their upcoming
tour and they're all staying at our house so that's two guest bedrooms split between 5 guys. 
The lucky ones get beds while the others are floating around on air mattresses, 
a couch or tucked in a crevice of the guest room's walk in closet! 

It's actually quite a lot of fun :)

I got to listen to them play music all day while I printed orders from my shop*! 
ALSO...I ate eat grilled salmon salad and crème brûlée for dinner so that all makes for a pretty great Sunday if you ask me. 
I hope yours was Brûlée'tastic too.


* A note for you If you've ordered from me this past week: 
I am running behind on last weeks orders due to the fact that Max and I were having the electrical completely re-done in our 1930's home (yay! no more fire hazard house!), So I was unable to make prints. I was able to catch up creating prints today, but drained my ink cartridges towards the end and discovered that my refills (refurbished ink cartridges, go figure) were completely faulty. 
I've ordered brand-spanking-new ones that will arrive Tuesday so I'll be able to print all yer damn postage and ship your orders out by Wednesday! I'm sorry for the inconvenience:)