Monday, January 30, 2012

Well Hello!

I know......
I've been so bad about blogging since Twitter came along ( know you have too). 
I love Twitter but it's made it so easy for us to be lazy when it comes to some good old fashioned
lengthy, blatherin'-bloggin'!

It's also been partly due to the fact that we really need to re-vamp the 
journals section, which, (you might be happy to hear) is currently in the process of being done! 

It's being made into a beehive as I type.

In the mean time I've decided to dust off this old Blogspot of mine...(and it only took me two full
hours of wracking my brain, entering passwords, emails, signing away my soul and 
feeding drops of my blood as sacrifice into the laptop to remember and regain my old login information).

I'm currently curled up in bed with a husband and two dogs watching Aliens 
(despite it being the wee hours of the morning). 
My husbands band (Say Anything) has flown in this week to rehearse songs for their upcoming
tour and they're all staying at our house so that's two guest bedrooms split between 5 guys. 
The lucky ones get beds while the others are floating around on air mattresses, 
a couch or tucked in a crevice of the guest room's walk in closet! 

It's actually quite a lot of fun :)

I got to listen to them play music all day while I printed orders from my shop*! 
ALSO...I ate eat grilled salmon salad and crème brûlée for dinner so that all makes for a pretty great Sunday if you ask me. 
I hope yours was Brûlée'tastic too.


* A note for you If you've ordered from me this past week: 
I am running behind on last weeks orders due to the fact that Max and I were having the electrical completely re-done in our 1930's home (yay! no more fire hazard house!), So I was unable to make prints. I was able to catch up creating prints today, but drained my ink cartridges towards the end and discovered that my refills (refurbished ink cartridges, go figure) were completely faulty. 
I've ordered brand-spanking-new ones that will arrive Tuesday so I'll be able to print all yer damn postage and ship your orders out by Wednesday! I'm sorry for the inconvenience:) 


  1. Your two dogs are so cute!! I can't wait to read more of your posts!


  2. Looking forward to reading more blogs from you!

  3. floating around on air mattresses...

    that totally cracked me up for some reason. my brain wandered and funny visions sprouted at that very moment.

  4. Aw, happy to hear that the Eisley journals are getting a little love! ♥ Sounds like y'all have a full house -- good timing on the electrical revamp!

  5. Oh! And I totally mentioned you in my last blog post and now you're blogging again -- this is synchronicity at its finest.

  6. Don't stop posting :D